Proper Noun

Proper Noun

Understanding Proper Nouns at Acadmicx by Professional Writer.

You have learned that a  basic noun can be a person, place, or thing. You have also learned that  concrete nouns are nouns you can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste, but maybe not  all at once.

So what are proper nouns?

More importantly, how can using proper  nouns help me become a better writer. Let’s get started! Basically, proper nouns  are also people, places, and things, but they are more specific. Proper nouns are  always capitalized because they are the names of people, places, and things.  For example, using basic common nouns, this person is a girl, this place is a  fair, and this thing is a roller coaster. If I were using basic common nouns, my  sentence would read, “The girl went to the fair and rode the roller coaster. Of  course, my basic common nouns are girl, fair, and roller coaster. Let me show you  how proper nouns can make my writing more specific. I want to rewrite the  sentence replacing all of my nouns with proper nouns. Instead of “girl,” I will put  “Tiffany.” Instead of “fair,” I’ll put the name of the fair, ” Florida Fair.” And  instead of “roller coaster,” I’ll put the name of the roller coaster, “Mighty  Mountain” My sentence now reads, “Tiffany went to Florida Fair and rode Mighty  Mountain. I get a specific picture in my head of Tiffany going to Florida Fair  and riding Mighty Mountain. Whoo-hoo! The picture in my head is much more vivid  than  “The girl went to the fair and rode the roller coaster.Llet’s look at another  example of how using proper nouns when you write clarifies the picture in your  reader’s head.

The kids went to a restaurant before seeing a movie.

My  basic, common nouns are kids, restaurant, and movie, so how can I use proper nouns  to make the sentence more specific. Well, instead of kids, I want to know which  kids…. Ed and Ty. Instead of restaurant, I want  to specifically name my restaurant, Taco Heaven. And instead of movie, they  specifically saw Star Wars. So my new sentence reads, “Ed and Ty went  to Taco Heaven before seeing Star Wars. I get a specific picture in my head of Ed  and Ty going to Taco Heaven and then going to see Star Wars. Creating a more  vivid picture for my reader makes me a better writer. So now that you know how  proper nouns affect your writing, you’ll need to become familiar with all the  different types of proper nouns you can use, and be sure to begin each of them  with a capital letter. You’ll want to capitalize the names of  cities, states, countries, months, people, stores restaurants schools books movies  holidays, brands, places, and many, many more!  Remember, proper nouns are more specific. They plant a more vivid picture in your  reader’s head by giving specific names and titles for people, places, and things.  Hooray! You’ve earned an A+ on proper nouns!  Thank you for joining me at Acadmicx by Professional Writer.  

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