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Plagiarism is a big no-no for any assignment. And to help you avoid all the costs. Custom essays are essays written custom just for you. They guarantee that there will be no plagiarism in any of your essays.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the term used to describe the process of stealing someone else’s intellectual property and passing it off as your own.

This is often inadvertent on the part of the student. Any of the following can be flagged as examples of plagiarism:

  • Using a citation and not crediting the source
  • Using an excerpt and not citing the source
  • Use books and online tools as research materials and not add them to the bibliography
  • Using someone’s statistical data without giving them credit for the original work
  • Copy directly from a book or online article

As you can see, it is very easy to accidentally plagiarize. And the consequences for a student can be quite serious.

  • For many graduates and college students, homework will be an automatic failure.
  • University students pursuing master’s or doctoral studies may be eliminated from the course.
  • For a high school student, valuable grades may be missed or homework may need to be re-done, wasting precious time and energy.

How can I be sure this doesn’t happen to me?

You should always run your work through an online plagiarism checker just to make sure all of your content is unique.

Or, of course, you can take the stress out of the situation and hire Acadmicx to write a professional custom essay.

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Where can I find a Cheap Custom Essay?

If you find one, let us know!

You will certainly find services that students on a tight budget rely on. They will promise you the world for next to nothing. They can rarely deliver even a city, let alone the world!

Don’t be surprised to discover that your essay is not only poorly written, but has also been resold multiple times and is likely to be a sample essay taken from the internet and placed on a spinner.

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How do I request a Custom Essay?

Placing an order for a custom written essay couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is go to our order process screen and provide us with the following details:

  • The length of the custom paper in pages or words
  • The academic level you are studying at to make sure you have the right depth on the paper.
  • Your deadline. Tell us when you want us to deliver the paper. If it’s urgent, you can have it in just six hours.
  • The subject you are studying
  • The subtopic and, if applicable, the question or thesis
  • The type of custom essay you need

What Happens Next?

We have assigned one of our native English speaking writers to you. If you would like to provide them with additional details, you can send them a message through our website.

Your writer will complete your custom paper and ship it to you.

You then have fourteen days to review the work. Once you finish reviewing the essay, you can return it with the requested changes (at no additional cost) or request approval. It really is that simple.

Our custom writing service takes the stress out of all kinds of things: no risk of plagiarism, no risk of missing a deadline, no risk of a poorly written essay, and no risk of letting spelling, punctuation, and grammar let you down.

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